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GEMS World Academy Chicago – Early Years lives and breathes the four Core Values that guide every GEMS Education school. These values aren’t empty slogans for us; they’re the foundation of all the work we do in our school every single day.

Global Citizenship

We develop the character, values, talents and personal skills that students need to achieve their full potential as global citizens and leaders of the future. We are an inclusive community representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives where multiple voices are engaged and respected. We learn best when everyone learns together in an environment that encourages and values everyone’s participation. As this spirit of inclusivity widens and intensifies, connections are deepened, providing an awareness of the richness of humanity that drives the serious work of preparing leaders for a complex and diverse world.

Pursuing Excellence

We believe the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong enterprise. In our learning community, students and teachers alike are asked to set increasingly challenging goals and be held accountable for attaining them. Teachers become important role models in this process. As they push toward becoming better educators and citizens, students see that their own success in school is just the starting point of a much larger journey.

Growing By Learning

Learning is about acquiring the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and insight needed to expand our horizons and help us grow. We foster a spirit of inquiry, encouraging both creative and critical thinking. We value the intellectual agility that allows us to stay flexible in the face of change, adaptable in our relationships with others, and nimble in our ability to put ideas into action.

Leading Through Innovation

Innovation requires bold thinking, fresh ideas, and the courage to push knowledge into untested areas. It emerges from an interdisciplinary mindset that can navigate the inherent complexity of the world and discover within it new models and new solutions. We encourage students to be restless learners, to reach for what lies beyond simple mastery of the task at hand.