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What We’ve Been Up To:

After a long weekend the Diamonds were ready for another eventful school week. One favorite activity this week was making a tasty pumpkin treat. Inspired by the fall season the children measured and mixed vanilla yogurt and pumpkin filling to make a new snack. The anticipation and excitement level was high as the children combined the ingredients and sampled the results. Before making the snack, we read the book From Seed to Pumpkin which detailed the process of how a pumpkin grows, provided interesting facts such as labeling a pumpkin as a fruit and ways to use a pumpkin like making pumpkin pie. Also, going along with the fall theme, we made fall trees by tracing one arm and hand onto paper to represent the trees then using cotton swabs dipped in paint to make leaves. The children created their own unique fall scenes with fall leaf colors. As another spectacular way to explore and celebrate fall and harvest, we visited the Fall Fest at the Lincoln Park Zoo. What a blast! The children loved the atmosphere and the variety of activities available to see and try. Aside from our fall fun, we reviewed the letter names and sounds of Ii and Nn. The children learned new movements to help remember the sounds that these letters make in words and practiced forming the letters on paper and white boards. Adding Ii and Nn to our letter set led to practicing segmenting and blending sounds to read simple words. In math the children continue to exercise their counting skills, matching numerals to groups, comparing groups, describing position using words like “behind” and “next to” and beginning addition and subtraction skills.