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As a parent you play a vital role in your child’s education. Research indicates that an engaged parent can add 2 to 3 years of academic growth over the course of a child’s education. This is why at GEMS World Academy Chicago – Early Years we build strong partnerships with parents ensuring that they are equal contributors to the education of their children.Parents have the opportunity to drop their children off to school and relax in our friendly designed GEMS Parent Café – an ideal place to keep informed of school activities and meet and socialize with other families. Using the latest technology you are able to check on your child’s progress from anywhere and at any time during the day. There are also daily opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress at home and at school.

Parents and the whole family are always invited to engage in Little GEMS projects, celebrations and activities. Your knowledge, skills and talents are a valuable resource and many parents enjoy contributing to the curriculum and to their children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

We provide you with a range of tools to accelerate your child’s learning curve, including:

  • workshops and lectures on child development;
  • online resource;
  • family trips to the zoo, the museum and other places of interest aimed at igniting your child’s curiosity.

Parents are always welcome in GEMS World Academy Chicago – Early Years settings.

At GEMS World Academy Chicago – Early Years, we recognize a child’s first and longest serving teacher is a parent. That is why we empower all parents to partner with us every step of the way.