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What We’ve Been Up To:

This week the Ruby Eoom has a new student. We want to wish a warm welcome to Elias and his family! We continued making lots of spooky projects for Halloween this week. On Wednesday, all of the Rubies made a candy corn toothed monster. The kids loved being a part of each step, gluing their monster together then adding his sweet teeth. It was a great opportunity for the Rubies to work on fine motor skills by picking up the small candy and placing it in the space for the monster’s mouth. It was also an opportunity to introduce shapes and parts of the body. The Halloween celebrations continued all week long, ending Friday with a costume parade around the school. The Rubies got to show off their cute and creepy costumes, and enjoyed the other classrooms’s looks. Friday the class made a special treat to share with their families! In music class this week, we learned about the saxophone and were introduced to some jazz music. Everyone was really interested in the different saxophone pieces while they watched Ms. Marie assemble the instrument, but they were a little startled when it started to make noise! We have started learning about loud and soft sounds as part of our new mini maestros theme. The babies have really enjoyed making loud drumming sounds on surfaces all around the classroom!