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“El Otoño” is one of my favorite seasons. We started getting ready for Boofest by learning our autumn colors and by counting our skeletons and pumpkins with two cool songs that my friends really like to sing. This week we talked all about feelings and why we feel different ways in different situations. Las Cinco Calabazas is a great song to practice feelings. I love how my friend Caitlyn  told me she feels sad when she misses her bear and mommy who are at home, Anna told me she is really angry whether sister takes her toys, and Graham told me he is happy when he comes to school. Cinco Calabazas Los esqueletos

Feeling words we have been learning:
Cansado  = tired, Triste  = sad, feliz  = happy, enojado  = angry, asustado  = scared, y frustrado  = frustrated.

We read the book La familia monstruo to review our family words and we have also enjoyed the book La Bruja Berta, which has a cool video too!: La Bruja Berta

My Emeralds and Amethysts have been playing around mixing the colors yellow and red to make orange and decorate our pumpkins.

Rojo  = red, naranjo  = orange, violeta  = purple, Amarillo  = yellow, negro  = black.

Next week, we will continue our lesson on feelings, adding more vocabulary words to learn.